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Wisdom of the crowd and that means employees too.

If you do time in the business world you’ve certainly been exposed to the power of harnessing the voice of internal and external stakeholders to create new ideas and help organizations reinvent themselves.  In fact, the statement, “the wisdom of the crowd,” continues to gain traction thanks to the high profile of open-sourcing, crowd-sourcing, social media and front-line idea generation platforms.  Continue reading

Tempted by the nymph

The allurement of that shiny new possibility can be the undoing of the entrepreneur and lessen the man that could have been. There is an expression that I believe is more relevant today than it has been in the past and that’s the cliché, ‘spread too thin.’ With the flattening of the world, collaborative ideation, interconnectivity and seeds of new opportunities sprouting everywhere our ability to focus has been challenged.   How does one overcome the temptation of distraction?

There is a parable from Greek mythology, ‘Odysseus and the Seirenes’ and this wonderful story highlights the challenge of temptation and the need to focus on the task at hand for survival.   Continue reading

I’m ready for a little MOOC!

Universities are smack in the middle of the ‘disruptive business model’ pathway. One component that is bound to impact the existing post secondary (tertiary) model is this thing called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).  Although I have been exposed to the model for some time, this week will be my first time participating in an online educational course, offered by U.Lab. U.Lab is funded by MIT and Harvard and the course I am on has 22,000 students from 187 countries and the cost is 0…Z-E-R-O! Continue reading