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Hierarchy will adapt to the tech. revolution or die!

We are in the throes of exponential change, underpinned by a technology revolution.  We live in a world that’s always on and always connected with inexhaustible computational power at our fingertips; the iPhone has far more processing power than the original supercomputer.  Technology based operating models (Uber, AirBnB, Netflix, etc.) are bringing established models to their knees, enabling the consumer to dictate the rules of the game that modern policy makers simply can’t adapt to.

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Discipline of Market Leaders? Listening, but only if you can act!

In 1995 Michael Treacy wrote the book ‘The Discipline of Market Leaders’ – The crux of the book is based on five years of research into Intel, Home Depot, Dell, Sony and others. These companies are no longer market leaders like they once were. Why? In the 1990’s successful companies took a leadership position within their industry by focusing on one of three primary ‘value disciplines’ – operational excellence, product leadership or customer intimacy. According to Treacy’s research, successful companies became champions in one of these disciplines while performing at an acceptable industry standard in the other two, but today the corporate ‘tectonic plates’ have shifted and not many organizations have stabilized. Continue reading