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Are you kidding? Moving too fast to develop strategy!

At work, every action we take or decision we make effectively supports strategy, whether it is the organizational direction or an individual’s personal agenda.

Dean and author, Roger Martin said, “When I ask business executives about their company’s strategy — or about an apparent lack thereof — they often respond that they can’t or won’t do strategy because their operating environment is changing so much. There isn’t enough certainty, they argue, to be able to do strategy effectively.” Continue reading

Wisdom of the crowd and that means employees too.

If you do time in the business world you’ve certainly been exposed to the power of harnessing the voice of internal and external stakeholders to create new ideas and help organizations reinvent themselves.  In fact, the statement, “the wisdom of the crowd,” continues to gain traction thanks to the high profile of open-sourcing, crowd-sourcing, social media and front-line idea generation platforms.  Continue reading

I’m ready for a little MOOC!

Universities are smack in the middle of the ‘disruptive business model’ pathway. One component that is bound to impact the existing post secondary (tertiary) model is this thing called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).  Although I have been exposed to the model for some time, this week will be my first time participating in an online educational course, offered by U.Lab. U.Lab is funded by MIT and Harvard and the course I am on has 22,000 students from 187 countries and the cost is 0…Z-E-R-O! Continue reading