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Intrapreneurship is key to Organizational Development

Regardless of the ‘era’, change has generally proven to be a challenge.  Why?  It pushes one out of their comfort zone and requires ‘letting go’ of approaches that have historically proven to be successful.  We are at a stage in the organizational development process where we need to empower change agents to champion fresh perspectives.  This approach brings a significant dose of relevancy in a rapidly evolving market that necessitates a highly engaged workforce.  Intrapreneurship is a good starting point, where employees can initiate change without being asked and can come out from behind ‘skunk work projects’ to more transparently challenge existing models and undertake the new.

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The key to life and leadership is vulnerability!

I was talking with a client, discussing key aspects to successful leadership when the conversation shifted from the routine themes of execution and ‘walking the floor’ to the topic of ‘vulnerability’.  It occurred to me that this is one of the most integral aspects to leadership and for that matter an essential quality of living. I know that’s a big statement, but give me four minutes to make my point.

According to Shelley Provost ( “Vulnerability is when you can give honest appraisals of a person or situation. Saying what you really think isn’t always easy. If fortified with compassion, however, it can be the quickest route to building trust with another person.”

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